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-Louisiana hot sauce chicharrones, Belle Écorce Farms' chèvre, fermented honey, smoked paprika

-Chicken liver mousse, Poupart's baguette, muscadine jelly


-Assorted pickles

-Pain de mie, fresh tomato, basil aioli, bowfin caviar, laudemio, black pepper

-Charred peaches, cucumber, feta, shiso, lemon vinaigrette, bee pollen, borage flowers

-Roasted eggplant, sunflower tahini, flax and sesame cracker, fermented honey, herbs and sprouts

-Fried softshell shrimp, corn maque choux, roasted red pepper romesco, avocado, manchego

-Smoked and braised pork belly, potato puree, chanterelles, mushroom bordelaise, green tomato relish

-Buttermilk pie, vanilla whip creme fraiche, fresh grated nutmeg


Butterfly Effect

-Vodka, butterfly pea flower, fresh lemonade, lemon balm

Muscadine Sangria

-Muscadine wine, rose, brandy, peaches, basil, Topo Chico

Haint Blue

-Bourbon, blueberry shrub, ginger beer, thyme

Morning Glory

-Gin, watermelon juice, tonic, mint, melon ball garnish